30 March 2009

Daily Police Photo #31

I've just noticed that the police car shows that it is the Metropolitan Police. The thing is, the picture was taken on a walk from London's Liverpool Street station to Moorgate train station, both of which are within the City of London, which has its own police force.

I'm sure what he was doing there, but in any event he had no authority in that area.

29 March 2009

Daily Police Photo #30

I'm not sure if this counts given that it is actually the MI6 building in Vauxhall; however, as people have been arrested for taking pictures of it I think it still counts.

27 March 2009

Daily Police Photo #28

... or should this actually be "Daily Lack of Police Photo #1"?

11 March 2009


Updates will be minimal for the next few days.

Yesterday my laptop died, taking away about two weeks' worth of photos!

I'm going to try and resurrect the hard-drive and then I'll have to take more pictures.

4 March 2009

Daily Police Photo #17

UPDATE: Photo changed as I noticed it was a duplicate!